Some of the Major Achievements & Fulfilled Promises as M.L.A of Karveer, Kolhapur.


  • Deposited Fund of Rs.26 Cr 29 Lakh from Shinganapur Water Project for implementation of a Project of Rs.30 Cr in E Ward.

  • Renovation of Rajarshri Shahu Birth Place - Fund sanctioned Rs.1 Cr and follow up for sanction of Rs.8.5 Cr from Government.

  • Fund of Rs.220 Cr sanctioned & Implemented under I.R.D.P Scheme road project of 49.9 Km for Kolhapur City.

  • Prominent steps in sanctioning Rs.2 Cr 24 Lakh for construction of Public Urinals, Toilets at old police lane in Line Bazaar.

  • FSI area increase in New Shahupuri.

  • Starting of office for caste verification.

  • Continuous Follow-up regarding sanction of Foundry Cluster Scheme at kolhapur.

  • Leading helping hand for sanction of grant from cheif minister's fund for Heart, Cancer Treatment & Surgery.

  • Special grant of Rs.5 Cr to Kolhapur Mahanagarpalika and sanction of Rs.4 Cr for internal roads.

  • Sanction of Rs.32 Cr project & deposit of Rs.14.38 Cr for Kolhapur Drainage system.

  • Sanctioned Tenders of Rs.9.12 Cr for Dudhali Zone & Rs.22.16 Cr for Jayanti Zone.

The Information Provided Below is the Details of Projects & Expenses as per the Guidlines under Right To Information Act.