Addressing Dhangar Samaj Melawa

Rally under the leadership of Satej Patil on water problems of Uchagaon.

Satej Patil appointed as a election supervisor by AICC at jambusar constituency, Bharooch.

Donated Water Storage Tank to tackle water issues of Gandhinagar.

Organisation of  Wrestling Competitions, to boost Kolhapur heritage and motivate youth for participating in traditional sports.

Hon. Sunil Dutt during Laying of Foundation
Stone of Khupire Gymnasium.

During Felicitation and prize distribution
ceremony of Anganwadi Sevika.

MLA Satej Patil welcomes Mr.Vaylar Ravi, Observer National Congress (I) during his
visit to Kolhapur.

Inauguration of Development Work at Vadange.


Instrumental hand for sanction of Rs. 25 Lakh for providing civic amenities at Gandhinagar.

Inauguration of Career Mahotsav 2004

Donation of  Rs.1 lakh saved in Youth Festival,
 to Chief Minister Relief fund for people
affected in Mumbai Riots 1992-93.

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