Dhanashree Todkar

परिस - झे जीवन सुवर्णमय करणारा



Anant Tibile



Chhaya S.Gurav
& her son

It was 3rd of August 2005, Severe rains & floods had affected major communication links between our Village Tirpan (Panhala). I was expecting a baby and there were no visible signs of me reaching Hospital for safe delivary of my baby. Some one informed Shri Satej Patil about this situation. At around midnight he came to our house and offered help in reaching the hospital. Later I was told that he himself drove his vehicle till panhala and took a boat to reach to our house. This deed of Shri Satej Patil left an permanent mark on my heart, mind & soul. Trurely he is not just an ordinary Politician or Public Representative.... He is something much beyond that......


Ganpati J. More.

I came to know that there are certain government benefits available to old people, for that I must have Senior Citizen Card. After spending some fruitless time to get that card, I came to know that Office of Shri Satej Patil provides help in gettting this card. I was offered immediate and correct guidance for required documentation. Not only that I was also assured that the follow-up for the same will be taken by Office of Shri Satej Patil. And to my disbelief the card was handed over to me at my home by them without any expenses on my part. I will be ever thankful to Shri Satej Patil for thinking and helping people like us....


Parveen I.Pathan

I am house wife coming from poor economic background. During Gruhini Mahotsav we were given a stall to cook & sell Hydrabadi Dam Briyani. The event turned up to be very postive for us. We had great success in terms of collection of money as well as regonition of our cooking skills. It is because of Gruhini Mahotsav that our business flourished and we are now established in this field. I am grateful to Shri Satej Patil & Sou. Pratima Satej Patil for organising this event and giving us a platform to present our skills & quailities.

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